New book! “Objektiver und absoluter Geist nach Hegel” (May 2018)

In the spring of 2018, the series Critical Studies in German Idealism (Brill Academic Publishers) has published a new volume, which I edited together with my colleague Thomas Oehl.

The volume is titled:

Objektiver und absoluter Geist nach Hegel: Kunst, Religion und Philosophie innerhalb und außerhalb von Gesellschaft und Geschichte

In Objektiver und absoluter Geist nach Hegel. Kunst, Religion und Philosophie innerhalb und außerhalb von Gesellschaft und Geschichte, Thomas Oehl and Arthur Kok offer an extensive selection of papers exploring the wide spectrum of Hegel’s philosophy of spirit from the viewpoint of the distinction between objective and absolute spirit.

Challenging Hegelianism’s current tendency to reduce absolute spirit to objective spirit, the editors have invited a large number of highly-esteemed Hegel scholars to reflect about the domains of absolute spirit (art, religion and philosophy) and their relation to society and history, thereby addressing the universal issue about whether there are cultural phenomena which transcend society and history anew from a Hegelian perspective.

With contributions from:

  • Adolphi, Rainer
  • Appel, Kurt
  • Arndt, Andreas
  • Bertram, Georg W.
  • Buchwalter, Andrew
  • Cobben, Paul
  • Cruysberghs, Paul
  • Dangel, Tobias
  • van Erp, Herman
  • Fulda, Hans Friedrich
  • Gobsch, Wolfram
  • Horstmann, Rolf-Peter
  • Hösle, Vittorio
  • Iannelli, Francesca
  • Iselt, Carolyn
  • Jamme, Christoph
  • Kern, Andrea
  • Knappik, Franz
  • Kok, Arthur
  • Kubo, Yoichi
  • Magrí, Elisa
  • Martin, Christian
  • Menegoni, Francesca
  • Meyer, Thomas
  • Mooren, Nadine / Quante, Michael / Rojek, Tim (co-authored contribution)
  • Nuzzo, Angelica
  • Oehl, Thomas
  • Rödl, Sebastian
  • Rózsa, Erzsébet
  • Sans, Georg
  • Siani, Alberto
  • Stekeler-Weithofer, Pirmin
  • Tóth, Olivér István
  • Weckwerth, Christine
  • Wenz, Gunther
  • Zöller, Günter